ALPHA METAL S.A. is a Romanian company, founded in 1994, having the registered office located in Romania, 54 Jean Monet street, district 1, Bucharest, having the no. J40/27290/1994 opened with the Romanian National Trade Register and the fiscal code no. RO6812864.

The company is organized as a joint-stock company.

Trade of gaseous fuels through mains (NACE code 3523) is the principal activity of the company.

The company's founder is Mr. Fonea Jacob who owns 99,85% of the company's shares. He is also the General Manager of the company.

Mr. Fonea has more than 15 years of experience in managing gas and electricity supplying companies being also an important investor in solar energy production companies located in Italy, Germany, Greece and before in Spain.

ALPHA METAL company is involved in gas supplier market and its activity is licensed and monitored by Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority, a public and independent body of national interest whose mission is to create and implement the appropriate regulatory system to ensure the proper functioning of the electricity, heat and gas markets, in terms of efficiency, competition, transparency and consumer protection. 

Natural gas market in Romania was opened gradually starting in 2001. In 2005 the openness of the natural gas market was established at 50% of the total consumption. Beginning on 1st of January 2006 the openness of the natural gas market was 65% of the total consumption but from 1st of July 2006 it was 75% and then from 1st of January 2007 the natural gas market is fully open.


As we mentioned above, the principal activity of the company consists in trading of gaseous fuels through mains. In fact the company is an important supplier of natural gas for the industrial consumers.

 The most important clients of the company are the heat supply enterprises that deliver heat and hot water to domestic and industrial customers. Our commercial activity is based on long-term contracts of purchasing of natural gas from our suppliers and selling of natural gas to our clients.

The natural gas is purchased from domestic suppliers and from import.

Alpha Metal company's market share of natural gas import market was 0,23% in 2009 and 0,26% in 2010.

In 2009, Alpha Metal company supplied to its clients a total amount of natural gas expressed in energy of 705600 MWh. 

In 2010, Alpha Metal supplied to its clients a total amount of natural gas expressed in energy of 453600 MWh.  


From 2010 Alpha Metal S.A. began to be involved in developing green energy projects. It intends to become an electrical energy producer acting as a renewable electricity producer.

In Romania, Alpha Metal S.A. develops a high efficiency cogeneration system of 9,6 MW that will be put into operation till the end of 2011. This new activity will increase the annual income of Alpha Metal with 9.500.000 EUR.

The company is interested in developing photovoltaic projects in Italy.


There are plenty of opportunities within the market ofgreen energy producers since European Union regulations have required the using of green energy.

The European Union energy policy focuses on developing renewable energy sources for reducing the negative effects of energy use on the environment and, in the same time, to cut the dependence on imported fuels. The growth of renewable energy sources also stimulates employment in Europe, the creation of new technologies and improves the trade balance.


Italy represents one of the Europe's most attractive energy markets where demand continues to rise ahead of the European average. 

Italy has been the fastest growing market in the photovoltaic industry in recent years. In September 2011, the Italian network agency, GSE, reports that photovoltaic installations in Italy have reached over 10 gigawatts (GW). Already this year, says the agency, 6.5 GW have been installed.

According to data, there are over 270,000 photovoltaic systems currently in operation in Italy.

Specifically, under the fourth Conto Energia, 26,134 photovoltaic systems have come into operation, worth 1.7 GW. Meanwhile, under the third Conto Energia, 38,122 systems totaling 1.59 GW were installed. The second Conto Energia, on the other hand, saw 200,963 systems worth 6.56 GW installed, and the first Conto Energia saw 5,734 systems installed amounting to 163 megawatts (MW).

Puglia is said to be the region with the highest level of installed capacity: currently, there are 1.68 GW worth of photovoltaics installed there, spread across 17,812 systems. The Lombardy region, however, takes the crown for the most number of installed systems (38,810 systems worth 993 MW). This is followed by Veneto, with 36,066 systems and 894 MW.

GSE adds that, in the first half of this year, an estimated 6.5 GW of photovoltaics has been installed. It says that by the end of the year, 12 GW, or 350,000 systems could be reached. If this is achieved, Italy would overtake Germany to become the leading country in terms of installed photovoltaic capacity.


ALPHA METAL intends to develop in Italy four photovoltaic projects.

ALPHA METAL company will implement its projects in locations approved by the local authorities and the activity will function under legal certificates and licenses.






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